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Buyer's Advantage Real Estate

An Exclusive Buyer's Agency representing only buyers 100% of the time!

Our mission is to provide home buyers with -

Exclusive representation



Full fiduciary duties of

  • Undivided Loyalty
  • Confidentiality
  • Full Disclosure
  • Obedience
  • Reasonable Skill and Care
  • Accountability
From a common law agent in whom the buyer may trust.

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An Exclusive Buyer's Agency representing only buyers 100% of the time!

We do not list properties or represent any sellers to minimize any conflict of interest. We refuse Dual Agency as it is impossible to serve both sides of a transaction with Undivided Loyalty, Confidentiality and maybe even Obedience.
We primarily serve the heart of the '49er Gold Rush region of California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada east of Sacramento from Placerville on the south to Nevada City on the north and North Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom on the west to Blue Canyon on the east. We have full Multiple Listing Service membership for Placer, Nevada, El Dorado, and Sacramento counties. Click on the "Home Search" icon above to search local listings.
The foothill area of the Sierra Nevada is just a great place to live! We have four distinct, yet mild seasons. There is more variety of places to go and things to do within a days drive than anywhere in the USA and possibly the world! This includes ocean, San Francisco, redwoods, wine country, Yosemite, lakes and streams, wilderness, Lake Tahoe, gambling, Reno, desert, both snow and water skiing, fishing, and hiking. Good jobs are close in the Sacramento/Roseville area with little commute congestion yet.
Live in a small town rural atmosphere yet close to everything! Check out the link at the end of this page for more Placer County information.
A word of caution for Home Buyers
NEVER give information about your motivation, financial capacity, time needs, anything that may be used to the sellers advantage to any real estate person unless you have a written contract that they are your Exclusive Agent and FULLY represent you on ANY property you may be interested in! Especially not to those who are representing any sellers as they cannot then represent you exclusively on that or possibly many other properties. The only way to insure your information will just be used to YOUR advantage in any real estate purchase is to retain, in writing, an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, an EBA.
Keep in mind as you review properties on the internet, in newspapers, in the real estate magazines, etc. the ads there are from the seller's representatives who's job is to obtain the best sale price and terms to the advantage of the seller. Their job, enforced by the listing contract, is to get the best deal possible for the Seller! They are paying for advertising hoping to get you to use them to buy their listing as much as getting the property sold. That way they may keep all the commission the seller has committed to them. Otherwise they have to share that commission, usually 50/50, with a cooperating brokerage who can represent just you on that property. Let us be your cooperating brokerage! Traditionally 50% of the commission, a component of the sales price, is to compensate the buyer's representative. Shouldn't you choose one that will represent you completely? All of the commission the seller has dedicated to the listing agency comes from your, the buyer's, funds as part of the sale price!
From a listing representative you get less than full representation as they may only legally serve you as either a "Dual Agent" or as just a customer and represent the seller exclusively. Although it is true a listing associate licensee can represent you exclusively on properties not listed with their brokerage, they cannot with any properties listed with their brokerage, whether by them or any other associate of their brokerage. Therefore they cannot choose or confirm an exclusive level of representation they may give you as buyer up front unless they either wish to exclude their brokerage listings or you must be willing to allow a change in that representation to a dual or customer one. Often you are not informed of this until you are ready to make an offer on a property at which time you are most reluctant to take the time to change or find another brokerage that will represent only you and by then have given them, the seller's representative, considerable personal information and motivation. If the seller refuses dual agency the listing agent will have the legal requirement to tell the seller all they have learned from you! Don't lose your bargaining position unintentionally!
Why not work with someone in whom you can have confidence they are working only for you from the start?
We give you unbiased information on all listed, for sale by owner, and available unlisted properties we can find in our market area. We assure you we have no obligation to any sellers and will represent only you in one of the largest and maybe the most important financial transactions in you life.
Choose us as your agent and benefit from Exclusive Agency representation. 
Advantages of Exclusive Buyer Agency Representation
  •     You will have undivided loyalty from a common law fiduciary agent like a trustee to a trust.
  •     Your confidential information will only be used for your benefit.
  •     You receive advanced counseling on how best to finance your purchase including aid in selecting a lender, loan product and getting fully approved for financing to give you maximum purchasing power.
  •     Your are counseled on how to select the best negotiating strategy for the property chosen.
  •     You are counseled on how much to offer. Neither a seller's agent or a dual agent may do that by law.
  •     You are assured that the real estate professional helping you write your offer is ONLY considering your rights to determine the true condition of the property and your best interests.
  •     You have an experienced negotiator on your side.
  •     You will know everything we know or can discover about a property.
  •     You have a professional managing the escrow process through to close.
  •     Your agent is a specialist for buyers and spends no time listing and marketing for sellers instead using all their time for finding, negotiating, and closing the best property for you.













Ray Anderson
Broker/Owner, GRI, e-PRO, REALTOR®
CA Broker License #00963038
15288 William Dr., Auburn, CA 95602-9678
530-305-0129 - cell, txt, msg



National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents

Ray is a BUYERTOR©, "a real estate licensee who practices common law agency representation for buyers from a brokerage which does not list property or represent any sellers."
last update - 22jul13
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